Welcome to LUCKO!

Here you’ll find the best handtools in the world for weed control!

We have tools for almost all needs, for example gravel paths, flowerbeds, between stone slabs etc. We also have different tools adapted for different soil qualities, from hard, muddy soil to light, loose soil.  

All our products is of high quality and goes by our motto “Easy, Efficient and Ergonomic”!

Easy, Effective & Ergonomic


We place great emphasis on making our tools easy to use. For all! From young children to experienced gardeners.

Here everyone is welcome!


When weeding, we all want it to go as quickly as possible. That is why we have developed tools for different surfaces and soil types. We do everything we can to make weed removal as efficient as possible.


The most important thing we think of when developing our tools is ergonomics.

Do not let your body pay the price for your beautiful garden. Work ergonomically!

Ergo Spade

A truly ergonomic planting shovel that reduces the strain on the wrist and provides power from the entire arm.

This is how easy it to adjust the height and change accesory on the wheel hoe!

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