Welcome to LUCKO!

We know the hard part about keeping your garden nice and tidy is getting rid of weeds. It's a never ending war!
Altough, if you're using the right tools you can win every battle without breaking your back. We have developed all of our tools by looking at different kinds of gardens and soils so that you can find the best tools for your needs. By using the right tools you'll save a lot of time but most importantly, you won't wear down your body.

Easy, Effective & Ergonomic


We put a lot of focus on our tools being easy to use, regardsless if a five year old or a experinced gardener uses them. We want them to be very straightforward to use.

Luckos runda bygelhacka den runda bygelhackan rensar ogräs


We have many types of tools depending on what you need for your garden to help you work more effective. When clearing weeds, you don't want to have spend any more time than necessary, and that’s why we have tools for clay, sand, though and light soil.


No matter if you're working on a large or small area by hand you want something thats ergonomic. Thats why we put special attention to making our tools as ergonomic as possible when designing them.

This is how easy it to adjust the height and change accesory on the wheel hoe!

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