Curved Stirrup hoe

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Our curved stirrup hoe is better at deep tilling because the shape makes it easier to get deeper in the soil.
Deep tilling has three purposes.
1: Cutting root weeds as deep as possible to remove as much of the root as possible.
2. Allows air to get deep into the soil which releases nutrients and minerals which the crops then can use.
3. Break capillaries to help keep the soil hydrated for longer times.
Our curved stirrup hoe is an effective and ergonomic tool.
The most ergonomic way to use it is by pulling the tool towards you.
This allows you to work upright with a straight back.
By pulling the tool towards you, you will minimize the strain on your back and shoulders.
The shape of the blade makes it easy to work with great precision, which reduces the risk of damaging to your valuable crop. The blade is very durable and made of thin 0.8mm hardened steel of the highest quality. Shaft Ø 24mm

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